Entry #2

Ahh...it's been a while.

2012-06-04 20:03:38 by DawnieMewMew

I don't really post here very often as far as journals are concerned. Well, I figured this would be a smidge bit important since some things have changed.

As you can see on the bottom left, I have changed some things in my accounts. So, I'm no longer yamidawn on DA or dawniebunnry on twitter. I couldn't stand either username, so these new ones seem to be a bit better. I like going by my nickname. Makes things easier.

Another thing that's happening, for those who have noticed the new picture uploads, is that I'm working on a webcomic series with MasakoX called "Project Jikoku". It's a working title, but we're still working on it. Starting next week, I hope to work on sketching the pages out. The goal is to submit 2x a week; Wednesday and Saturday. We'll see. I'm really jazzed to see this comic take off, and I hope to do well with it ^^. For now, we have a Facebook fanpage set up here: http://www.facebook.com/projectjikoku . Please like us~! We will be continuing to update the site when new content comes in!

I hope everyone else is doing all right!



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2012-06-04 21:23:52

I have to say, this webcomic looks very promising.

I think your description of .:PJHelvidius was
from .:Ysoria.

DawnieMewMew responds:

Thank you~

And yes! I screwed up while posting. But it's fixed now! :)


2012-07-02 10:30:33

hi just droped by to say liked your art xD


2012-08-21 02:34:51

Love ya dawnie


2013-06-25 18:22:09

Still going strong!